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What is interesting with the IPad Mini




The i pad mini just came out just recently and to me I feel that it is one of those things that i feel is unnecessary to have because not be cause of its price but more on how there are other types of tablets with the same design and same system design that is more affordable. Some tech junkies assume that a new, smaller iPad will run Apple’s Retina display, which makes the latest iPad’s screen super-sharp. Competitors like the Nexus 7 and Amazon’s newly revealed Kindle Fire HD boast similarly impressive resolutions. However, Apple could easily go with the iPad 2’s less “resolutionary” display to keep costs down.   Using the iPad 2’s slightly slower A5 processor in the iPad Mini would continue “Apple’s  time-tested strategy of extending the life of already-developed technology by continuing to sell it, just cheaper,” says Kyle Wagner at Gizmodo. This could be problematic, however, as the chip “might not be powerful enough” to support a potential Retina display.