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Graffiti breaking through

It was mentioned in class the other day that it would be nice if a “graffiti artist” would break through into the mainstream art-world.  I may not remember that correctly but I believe it was along those lines.  While no graffiti artist will probably reach the status of Gaughan or Van Gogh, several artists whose roots lie in graffiti have broken through.  Most notably Keith Herring and Basquiat in the 80’s and artists such as Mike GiantJersey Joe and Dalek as of more recently.  Then of course Shepard Fairey, who everyone knows and doesn’t know at the same time.  These contemporary artists haven’t achieved the status of the old masters but they are carving out their own niche in the art world today. Black Market Visual Communication is a design group consisting of artists and designers with backgrounds and ties to graffiti.  Take a look at their client list, they seem to have done pretty good for themselves. obey graffitispace monkeybitter