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Is Futura becoming the new Helvetica?

Recently I have been noticing something. Everything is being set in Futura. Just walking through a town, watching TV, or browsing the web, Futura seems to be the go to typeface. When I was in Richmond over break I especially noticed it. I even thought it was hard to spot Helvetica because Futura was taking over. After looking it up, I found the Skyfall is technically not in Futura, but it is pretty dang close. While talking to my non designer friends they have learned of Futura somehow. I predicting in the next few years that Futura will be one of those typefaces we try to avoid because of the over use of them. Maybe there will even be a movie about it. There are some funny things out there about this subject and some people tend to agree. There are numerous tweets with people complaining and I even found another blog post about it. What do y’all think?

Blog Post: