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Preparing a good portfolio in order to secure a job after graduating

With the current bad economy, starting a career  in graphic design can be very difficult for new graduates.At any financial time, good or bad, getting that first design job is always hard. Every designer wants a job where they will get excellent design experience, but how does one go about finding this job if you have only just graduated?

Many people would say that the first step after graduating is to make a good portfolio, but what should a graphic designer include in their portfolio in order to get that so wanted job? Again, many people would answer this question saying that designers should a include their best work; any pieces that are reverent to the position that he/she will be applying to, definitely should be included. Others would say that a good portfolio should demonstrate the designer’s talents and experiences. However, if for us new graduates, professional experience is limited what should we do?

I believe that new graduates should definitely prepare a good portfolio  A good portfolio starts with a good writing biography about the oneself, especially if this would be an online portfolio. The artist should make sure that the bio states his/her personal information such as: who the artist is, what he/she does for work, what kind of services or jobs he/she is offering, etc. The artist should also make sure that he/she mentions their past experiences, and his/her qualifications for the work that he/she is applying to.

Many people build their online portfolio without thinking about a good design strategy, which is a very important detail that people should think about before they put their portfolio online, especially a graphic designer who is self advertising himself/herself. Any artist’s portfolio should be very effective and very beneficial to him/her. Designers should make sure that the website is about themselves and not be sloppy, it should definitely be their best work. What do you think should be included in a good portfolio?


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