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This would’ve come in handy…



This definitely would have come in handy last week when I was turning in all my last minute CD files. CD’s are usually the last thing on my mind during finals week. I am usually more preoccupied with making sure my projects are printed correctly or that all my paragraph styles are properly used or even that name is on my project! This how to guide would have been real easy to accomplish when I was down to the last seconds to turn in my projects.


I have seen books containing packaging design ideas at Barnes and Noble and am considering buying some for myself (although they can be pretty pricy for this struggling student) but I love seeing the different ways people come up with product packaging.

Have you guys seen any cool packaging designs? Have you ever created one to turn in one of your projects? I love seeing new ideas.


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  1. sscrugg2 wrote:

    I made a handmade CD holder today! (For final projects as well). Mine unfortunately didn’t turn out this creative haha- but it did the job. Very cool idea!

    Thursday, December 13, 2012 at 8:36 pm | Permalink