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ursulacopy littlemermaid tinkerbell



These Disney characters were made by Jirka Väätäinen, a designer from Finland.

She also got a good portfolio website:

I like how she transforms into the original cartoon characters of real people’s face using photo compositing and digital painting combined. If you visit her website under ‘REAL LIFE’ DISNEY GIRLS, there are a lot more. They are interestingly composed only one cartoon character at a piece. It’s very nice work.

Jirka Väätäinen used mix media as Digital Compositing, Photo manipulation & Digital Painting. She supposed that what the girls of Disney might look like in real life. When I see each piece, it reminds me certain person. I am pretty sure that they are Hollywood stars but I don’t know their names. She also has Mulan character; it looks like one of my friend! Anyway, I really like her artwork; it’s very unique, and realistic. She’s so smart transforming characters from well know cartoon characters. However, those are just her project, not affiliation with Disney.