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Rilakkuma Electronic Foot Stove

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It is time to fall in love with Rilakkuma!! I want to share Rilakkuma electronic foot stove with you. Rilakkuma is one of the most popular bear characters in Japan. Rilakkuma will warm up your feet this winter. Basically, Rilakkuma’s face is like a slip-in cushion, so an electronic pad goes into the bottom, and you can just put your feet into the back of the face. Don’t feel bad for Rilakkuma!! It is not an original product from The San-X Company (“a Japanese company that specializes in the creation, production and marketing of goods featuring cute characters”), but I like it as a seasonal gifts because fulfills design standards as well as functionality.

One Comment

  1. cavalos wrote:

    i would love to see one of these as a heater and foot massager, almost like a dual action combo

    Thursday, December 13, 2012 at 8:02 pm | Permalink