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Scratch day off calendar


Saw-like block calendar


Paper shredder calendar


Ink calendar


Air cap calendar

Another year is nearly over already. But, I wonder how many people plan to buy a new calendar. Today, I see many people live without desk calendars or watches while operating in technology and cyber space. A calendar lets you keep track of time and helps you remember important dates. I am kind of an analog person, so I prefer to handwrite on a calendar rather than type in my smartphone. I need a new 2013 calendar, but I don’t want normal paper calendars; they are too boring. I discovered some interesting calendars. From the top to the bottom, we have scratch day off calendar, saw-like block calendar, paper shredder calendar, ink calendar, and air cap calendar. Each of these calendars will make every day special. You will feel as each day passes that you lived a full day.

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