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Baking & Designing

I’m not sure if it’s the designer in me- but if asked to choose between cooking or baking, my first choice would be to bake decorative cupcakes, pies, cakes, and yummy treats. Why is this, one may ask?

Of course I love extravagant meals, along with everyone else. But more often than not, I find myself eating a meal and not putting much thought into its presentation (mostly because it’s eaten so fast).

I have always been a huge advocate of baking. I love designing, so the thought of discontinuing my creativity through food has never been an option. Of course my favorite part of baking is decorating each specific piece (It must meet the perfect design standard). Becoming a designer has increased my understanding of presentation and design in many aspects. I enjoy the idea, that my baking will be appreciated by others in both a delicious and design inspired way.