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Holiday Design

It’s that time of year again; cards, food, wrapping paper, and endless decorations. Whenever Christmas comes each year, I am in awe by the amount of design that goes into every aspect. Each ornament, advent calendar, holiday signs, decorative vases or candles, and especially toys are all produced through design. I hate to say it, but without designers, it wouldn’t look like a very merry Christmas. Without good design, cookies, cards, and decoration would be a serious let down to all of the Christmas lovers around the world. As much as we may forget, or not notice enough; designers have a significant impact on our everyday life, along with the special occasions that come with each year. Could you imagine any holiday colors completely different than what they are; the famous red and green, instantly changed to blue and yellow? The world depends on designers to have a great holiday, even if not directly acknowledged. Here’s to you, Holiday Designers.