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Jeff Friesen: Ghost Train Crossing Canada

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John Friesen is an Canadian photographer that turns his personal projects into beautiful and quirky art projects. He’s currently working on a piece called “The Canadian: Ghost Train Crossing Canada”. For a while he was carrying a train around in his backpack and taking pictures of it. Eventually he started finding interesting places to take pictures of the train that made it look like it was running through the landscape.

The tiny train in the large, overwhelming landscape reflected the overwhelming feeling that people feel. Friesen has sixteen pictures up of his trains, but many more stored away. Friesen eventually started branching out with other trains and got more creative with his landscapes. He also started putting down tracks for the trains to run across.

Friesen has little professional training in photography, relying on his own skills to express his ideas. He won multiple awards for his work. He’s won twenty-five awards for his work since 2000.