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Create You’re Own Halo Armor

Cosplay – short for “costume play” aka dressing up like a superhero, movie character, etc..

Halo – An xbox 360 first person shooter video game

Halo Cosplay: Is the art of creating you’re own Spartan armor (armor that the protagonist in Halo wears)

Designing you’re own Halo Armor is not easy. It’s a process that you can not complete over night. Many fans plan their costumes out for months and then it takes up to a year or more to even bring the project to life. Only die hards are into such work and the work is at very much advanced level of design.

What you need is a plan and to list the materials.

One site recommends:

1.) Using templates from online or models of your own, trace the parts onto EVA foam tiles.
2.) Cut them out using either an exact o blade or a snap-off carpenter’s blade.
3.) Assemble the pieces using a glue gun, being careful not to use too much!
4.) Cover the finished pieces with a coating of Plasti-Dip spray and paint.
5.) Add any other details such as lights and decals.


that is a basic plan, that is the most basic of ways to create a set of armor from these foam tiles.
foam tiles, glue, nails, paint, tape, gluesticks are all needed

The biggest tool needed is time however.

The suit itself can be made out anything , the real focus is making it look as realistic as possible. A bunch of wood spray painted and build right can look almost as real as any actual assault rife. It just takes time and dedication.

Easier said than done, but once you have your plan, just buy the materials (or create them yourself) and have fun!