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Sharing Extended Entypo Glyph Set


From this website, freebie is licensed for this glyphs and they said it’s free to distribute, transform, fiddle with and build them into your work, even commercially. This might help for your next semester’s projects, or projects in your job, may be? May be not. However, you can use even commercially, how come it’s free? Well. I don’t think its scam though.

They shared all different version glyphs as EPS, PDF, PSD, Typeface, and Web Font. The design of these glyphs is Daniel Bruce. His Entypo Glyph includes a set of universal 284 crafted pictograms for regular design projects. How nice? If you want to use their glyphs, all they want from you is always credit the original designer of the set. If you don’t have time to create the icons or any kinds of projects, use his glyphs! These are simple, and also representative. I have not download yet, but I definitely use it.