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HGTV Inspiration

It’s safe to say that I have a slight obsession- with HGTV that is. I am so intrigued by renovation, do-it-yourself projects, and living overseas. All in all, this is the perfect channel for me. As a designer I have always been interested in all aspects of design, whether in this case, it’s architectural or interior. With this, I have come to love design shows- simply because it inspires me. This channel is the closest thing to graphic design and it never fails to come up with new ideas and solutions. With each home, comes new design. This to me, is incredible. This makes it possible, that with every new sketch or graphic, there is a completely new way to look and configure a design solution. HGTV, along with Pinterest, constantly provide me with new ideas and inspiration. I cannot wait to build and design my own home. I’m sure the design plans will be never ending.