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Custom Ink

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Custom Ink is a company that allows people to designer and produce their own custom t-shirts. It’s an extremely easy website to use, with helpful features that anyone can use. The users can upload their designs to a multitude of t-shirts and products, with different levels of design for the shirts. Some designs are more involved with the shirts, and those shirts are more expensive. The website is also designed for companies that want designed shirts and are willing to order them in mass.

I ordered a t-shirt with a logo I had created for class. The logo was only two colors, yellow and gray, and I was a little worried that the colors weren’t going to match up. When I uploaded the logo, it fit perfectly on the shirt and the website managed to convert the colors to something similar to what my originally colors were, which was pretty unexpected. When I got the shirt the logo took up about 1/2 of the space and it was still very clear.