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Anyone else into cameras?

I collect cameras…I only have a small collection but it does boast a spy cam from the 70’s. Most of them are old and made of plastic. After a long day staring at a monitor it is fun to get outside and shoot without having to worry about all the technicalities.

 So when I came across the very last page of this months Print…or maybe it was last months…anyway I was thrilled. This small article featured Readymech Cameras from Corbis You just click, print, cut, paste, load and shoot.

 I thought it was pretty cool and worth sharing for anyone else who likes cameras or needs a break. I know I am planning to put one or two together and take it with me to Key West after I graduate.

 So if you have not heard of it you should check it out!




Here is a sample of what they have available. Enjoy!