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Champagne Website

This website is to inform the viewer about a well known champagne; Vueve Cliquot. It is an example of a well-designed web page. It shows the viewer exactly what the website is about, while allowing them to easily navigate through an aesthetically pleasing page. The page is interactive and has a simple, yet very innovative layout. The most interesting thing about the website is that when the viewer is scrolling down the page the pictures featured on the screen move and appear when the creator wants the viewer to see them.
I like how most of the web page is made up of pictures rather than words. The website shows off its product and how they want their product to be viewed using a visual appeal rather than talking extensively about their product. The site allows the viewer to form an opinion of the product through visuals. This seems like a fresh way to feature a product because normally people will tell you what to think rather than show you what to think.

One Comment

  1. nmonton001 wrote:

    It was interesting that you have to enter in your DOB in order to access this site. I’m only 20 but oh well! The link you provided does not work. It is only a typo though.

    It is well designed, but maybe its just my computer or my web browser but the scrolling images on the site make the page glitch and its difficult to read the words unless i stop. Its simple, its modern, its classy.

    Sunday, February 10, 2013 at 7:24 pm | Permalink