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Wait, What’s My Homework?

I have finally passed the threshold into all AVT classes in one semester, something I have been looking forward to since my transfer to Mason a year ago. One building to walk to, one Jazzman’s to frequent and one thing on my mind – ART and the world of graphic design. This semester however, I have noticed a trend that has taken me by surprise. My professors, while collectively brilliant, have individually personalized the method of broadcasting key information for class assignments and syllabi. For example, I have a class where all information is posted on Blackboard, I have another, a personalized website, another a Pinterest board in combination with a account, and finally one that just emails me important documents. This has proven to be a quality of creative thinkers that is at times frustrating but nevertheless, comical. I am proud to be apart of a program where professors have the freedom to find a system that works best for them. If I was a teacher, I would have fun with this freedom. Although I am frazzled at times, trying to locate the URL, handout or remember a username and password that plainly says “this is what’s due next class,” I believe I would be equally as bewildered if every professor used the stark portal that is Blackboard.