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L’eggo my logo

For any of you who have taken AVT 311 you may remember one of the most important rules of design: always do your research.

I had heard that the new American Airlines logo had been compared to another logo, that being Greyhound’s logo. My initial reply to this comment was that it does not look anything like the Greyhound logo in fact Greyhound’s logo is mainly of a dog. I then realized maybe it was not what I recalled and went to Google to dig further. Amongst a variety of logos I uncovered there was in fact a similar looking logo, (beside the fact there IS a dog in front of it) and I realized what other people had been talking about. Upon looking at more versions of this logo it even started to remind me of the Pepsi logo! I don’t know if they actually do look alike or if I just compare the two because of the similarity in colors.  What do you think?


AA vs Greyhound


Greyhound and Pepsi