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Computers + Design

“Computers are to design as microwaves are to cooking” -Milton Glaser

If you were to stroll through the Art and Design building of George Mason, or the art building of any college/school for that matter, you would see rows and rows of computers. This may not have been the case twenty years ago, or my entire lifetime. Now, learning the adobe suite along with other programs is crucial if you want to have a job as a graphic designer. The cirriculum of this major has drastically changed and it continues to develop along with the current software’s updates. Since using computers is a required skill of being a graphic design student, many of us rely on technology. It’s nice to be able to simply press “Ctrl+Z” (I’m a PC) when a mistake is made, or see how that shape looks a few pixels to the right instead of getting out the good old eraser. However, I really love the quote above by Milton Glaser. We are all fully capable of creating good design without a computer. For me, I discovered my love of design by doodling and making cards by hand. All of the principles and rules of design can be applied anywhere, to anything. Computers definitely make it easier for us to design more efficiently, but sometimes it’s nice to take a step back from the keyboard.