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Logo Swap

During one of my interweb browsing sessions, I came across this submission on one of the many social media sites that I peruse. I know it’s old, but I thought it was amusing. Someone took the major competitors of many different types of business that have highly recognizable logos and swapped them. Some of them, I may not notice right away if I were to encounter it in real life, such as the Nikon/Canon swap, since I am not an avid photographer, but the FedEx/UPS and Coke/Pepsi were pretty jarring. It goes to show how importnat a company’s identity is, and how essential branding is. It is literally the “face” of the company. I haven’t taken Corporate Branding yet, but I do look forward to learning the process that goes into the creation of these identities. I Googled this topic a little more and I found a link that had even more swaps if you are interested or find it at all amusing: