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Jump Start Creativity

Whenever I am having trouble coming up with a creative design for an upcoming project I do not have one solid way in which to jump start my creativity. I usually just think and think, brainstorm, and write down ideas that I feel seem to be “outside the box”. Recently I have been inspired by designs or art that obscures another object or uses random objects to elude to something totally different. So, in the future I will try to use this approach. But, as far as actually coming up with fresh ideas I never go watch a movie or go to a museum, like the professor suggested. I just think or Google ideas and/or objects until I feel I have come up with the best idea I can. If I did go do something, like go to a museum, and then come back to thinking and writing down ideas, I wonder if I could come up with something more clever. Does anyone have a way that works best for them?


  1. nmonton001 wrote:

    I Google, go on tumblr, deviant art, go outside, or do something completely irrelevant to art or design. I have learned to always carry my sketchbook with me wherever I go just to jot down ideas while they are still fresh. When I am browsing the internet I sometimes take screenshots of things that inspire me and save them in a folder and look at them later.

    Monday, February 18, 2013 at 12:48 am | Permalink
  2. I like to start with an awesome color palette. I great book I recommend “Pantone Guide To Communicating With Color.” It has pages full of palettes that follow under categories like “Festive,” “Delicate,” and (a personal favorite)”Tangy.” After finding a palette you like, your brain will naturally start running through objects or designs based on the colors you’ve chosen. I can totally lend you book if you’re feeling really stuck and palettes online are not rich enough.

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  3. Pete wrote:

    ” If I did go do something, like go to a museum, and then come back to thinking and writing down ideas, I wonder if I could come up with something more clever.”

    With all do respect but, have you ever heard about “something” that is called sketchbook? You do not only doodle on a sketchbook but, you also jolt down every thought idea or even nonsense – that even though at that particular moment it doesn’t make any sense it will later on.

    Now, about Google. I’m not against it but, you should not focus on finding things (just) from it. In a way, you will eventually stop looking or, take the time to look into other sources.

    Just my two cents.

    Oh, by the way, the book that Lauren suggests is FANTASTIC. It has “saved” me many times!!

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  4. Kate Welch wrote:

    I use search engines, sometime Google but my next step is to Pin them on Pinterest. I love pinterest because then I can see, side by side as images my inspiration.

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  5. i_like_cats wrote:

    I’m like you. I Google and look at other people’s work, but honestly my best ideas come from brainstorming with regular people (non-designers). Sometimes I’ll pose a question on Facebook or Reddit, like if I have a certain theme, like “change”, I’ll ask people what they think of when they consider that word. It gives me a fresh view on the subject. There is usually at least one person that goes in a direction I hadn’t even imagined and it opens a whole new world for me in terms of ideas.

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  6. Lia DiValentin wrote:

    This applies to just my life in general, whenever I have a problem, or am having trouble completing an assignment, I usually go for a run or take a walk or listen to music or all 3. I find that once I allow myself to do another activity, it releases my mind to think freely and usually I have reached a solution by the end of a run. However, on the occasions where I have a deadline to meet, i start just asking myself the simple questions of WHO? WHAT? WHERE? WHY? WHEN? HOW? in order to define and gain a better understanding of what it is that i am trying to achieve.

    Sunday, March 17, 2013 at 9:40 pm | Permalink
  7. Dmitry Golovsky wrote:

    I also don’t just have one way to get inspired. I keep an idea file both on my computer and in an actual file folder. When I really can’t think of anything I just go through it over and over until I pick up on something I want to implement for what I am working on. I personally prefer having something to hold on to but there is just so much cool stuff on the internet I have to have save it to the pintrest.

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