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Jump Start Creativity

Whenever I am having trouble coming up with a creative design for an upcoming project I do not have one solid way in which to jump start my creativity. I usually just think and think, brainstorm, and write down ideas that I feel seem to be “outside the box”. Recently I have been inspired by designs or art that obscures another object or uses random objects to elude to something totally different. So, in the future I will try to use this approach. But, as far as actually coming up with fresh ideas I never go watch a movie or go to a museum, like the professor suggested. I just think or Google ideas and/or objects until I feel I have come up with the best idea I can. If I did go do something, like go to a museum, and then come back to thinking and writing down ideas, I wonder if I could come up with something more clever. Does anyone have a way that works best for them?