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Design Processes

I recently came across a really useful article written by Lee Munroe, a designer based in San Francisco. I found, Logo Design Process Start To Finish, very interesting and similar to my own design process, from start to finish, but a little more sensible and organized. Munroe gives some excellent source sites that I think any designer should bookmark. I do have to note: think this is a really well-thought out process but I think the logo is a little blahhh for the amount of work he spent in the process.

One of the most light-bulb inducing moments of my design process is mind-mapping-I could literally do it all day.  And while I can some how always end up mapping all the way to “because kittens”, every single actual good idea I eventually come up with is born in these maps. We are always taught not to go with our first idea and I believe that to be true. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t elaborate on your first idea.  Too often, we as designers, go straight to the computer and start drawing and clicking instead of taking our pens to paper.

What is your design process?



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