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Piece Together Your Own Palette

I think a well crafted color palette is one of the most relaxing and beautiful things to look at. Seeing each swatch sit so peacefully next to each other, like a bunch of old friends coming together for a well needed dinner party. And then, when effectively distributed in a poster, web page or info-graphic, it immediately turns a good design to a great one. Even if the content does not match the mood of the palette, its hard to fully write it off as badly designed because the colors that radiate just make so much sense together. I have always turned to books for great palettes but after reading Creating Your Own Color Palette, I learned that this is something I could create! Like a beautiful song, plucking notes from other songs, finding bits of color from photographs and matching them together. Using the monochromatic, analogous, complimentary, split complimentary, triadic, and double complimentary (tetradic) rules, piecing together your own awesome palette is actually plausible. The article featured above lead me to Adobe Kuler, a gold mine for palette making. All you need is your Adobe ID which you got if you’ve ever purchases an Adobe design suite. Kuler allows you to take some of their default photographs and select drops of color to formulate your own palette or to just inspire you.