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20 Articles a Week

The last advice of the article that Karen sent us was:  read.  The author of  Want To Be Taken Seriously? Become a Better Writer, reads one book a month and 20 articles a week.

I got the one book a month under control, probably more.  I love to read.  I try to get through my weekly magazine every week but some how I think I’m way behind.  I have not even started reading Design magazines. Although I do read articles online.  Does he really read all those articles or does he skim them?  Besides he is an author, so he writes and reading would go along with that.  I’m trying to create art so I look at a lot of art to get ideas.   Not that I disagree with his advice.

I did read a few articles today while waiting.  I was looking to see how my favorite magazine ended their articles.  Do they have summaries?  I guess a little more than I did.  But they always have a parting short.  So maybe I just needed a one line summary before my parting shot.