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“Everything I do always comes back to me”

“I always try to go in a direction where the final piece incorporates the process visually”   8120041013_160431_625021.jpg sagmeister_stefan_adobe.jpg          A designer i have recently found interest in is the Austrian-born designer Stefan Sagmeister. The above images are direct examples of the the process being evident visually in the final product.  The image to the left, an AIGA lecture poster is exactly what it appears to be, all of the information was carved into Sagmeister’s body by his intern.  The Adobe poster to the right is made up of thousands of cups of coffee each filled with different amounts of cream to change the shade thus making up the image of the trophy.         03.jpg    07.jpg  12.jpg           Sagmeister has also been successful with his designs in the music industry, creating designs for Lou Reed, David Byrne and the Rolling Stones,.  In 2005 he won a grammy as art director for the Talking Heads Box Set “Once in a Lifetime”.  Check out his design studio site for more images and information, there is a “For Students” section that is pretty interesting.