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Is Creativity in the Work Place Necessary?

So you have a new project and you need to get those creativity juices going, but you’re stumped on ideas. Read NPR’s article “How Creativity Works’: It’s All In Your Imagination“. It’s an interview with Jonah Lehrer about his book “Imagine: How Creativity Works.”  Lehrer argues that creativity, whether you’re “writing a Shakespearean tragedy, or trying to come up with a new graphic design or writing a piece of software, how we think about the problem should depend on the problem itself. Creativity is really a catch-all term for a variety of very different kinds of thinking.” I’m a Graphic Design major, so I relate to this from a visual perspective, but I forget that creativity should be used in all professions. One of the great stories in the interview was about how Dan Wieden at Wieden+Kennedy came up with Nike’s slogan “Just do it.” Do you agree that all professions must use creativity on a daily basis and can the daily work day feel fulfilled without it?