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Hay Fever Poster

For my AVT 311 (Graphic Design Methods and Principles) class, I recently designed a poster for Noel Coward’s 1924 play, Hay Fever. Set in the English countryside during the 1920s, the play centers around the four members of the quirky Bliss family. Each family member invites a guest over for the weekend, without telling the others, which results in absolute chaos. When the Blisses aren’t completely ignoring their guests, they make them feel uncomfortable by discussing family drama in front of them. Although no one cracks a joke in this play, it’s hilarious because of the family’s outrageous behavior.

The director wanted to emphasis the fact that the Blisses are a very bohemian family and that they are isolated in their own eccentric world. I decided to use a snow globe to represent their isolation and contain the majority of the poster’s information within its shape. I wanted to show the family in their living room, with all their bohemian odds and ends, but the director didn’t have many props at the time, so I built a miniature set and photographed it. Then I added silhouettes of the family and theater curtains to fill out the snow globe.

The director chose my design, and since he’s rather excited about the play, you should be seeing my poster around campus early next semester.

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