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to watermark or not to watermark?

As a photographer I am constantly facing the dilemma of whether to watermark my images before putting them online or not. On one hand, I want to expand my business and attract new clients and also keep my images protected as my property. On the other, watermarks are often tacky or annoying, I don’t want to detract from the image I’m showing, and I know that people will usually crop or photoshop them out anyways. A lot of photographers trust their clients to market for them, spreading the name or tagging them in pictures they post rather than adding a clunky logo to the corner of their picture. However I am not on that professional level yet (hopefully one day).

I’m not usually concerned about people stealing my images or anything, especially since most of my recent work is senior portraits and the only people interested in those are the family of the subject. However there is one picture I have taken that I find all over pinterest and other places on the internet, and I constantly have friends sending me links when they stumble upon it and recognize it as mine. It’s a picture I took for fun of my friend a few years ago, and a quick search on Pinterest leads to at least 20 results of the same image, with none of them giving credit to me as the source. I’m not mad about it, mostly just annoyed. Here’s a few examples I found within 5 minutes of searching (and there are many more):

glitter glitter2


So my question is: Do you think watermarking an image is worth it, or a waste of time? and am I right to be annoyed with my images being plastered over inspiration boards without a source when we live in an age where anything can be copy+pasted?