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old rules v. new rules

For AVT215, we had to design a brochure with the “13 Deadly Sins of Typography,” one of which was the two spaces after a period rule. Recently I got in a debate with a friend (via Twitter, of all places) over whether it was still relevant or not. She said that when she types papers it just doesn’t look right when there aren’t two spaces, and it’s harder to read with just one space. I argued what I learned in class, that the extra space isn’t necessary since newer software adjusts the space automatically, and that with two spaces the gap seems too large. I did a little–and by “little” I mean a <5 minute Google search–on the current rules and opinions. I found a few opposing articles. Some said that the spacing was necessary for old typewriters with monospace fonts and is obsolete now, and even a design flaw. Others said the typewriter justification was BS made up by typographers, and that it doesn’t matter if there is one space or two. I was never taught to double space after a period, but I know my parents were, and apparently some of my peers. Personally, the space bothers me and makes body text look uneven. Is it just in the design world that this is a “sin”, while in professional practice it is still relevant?