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Herbal Essences

I was watching a commercial about Herbal Essences products the other day and it grabbed my attention because I hadn’t seen one in a long time. It’s as if they are trying to re brand. So, i decided to check out their webpage and see what it looked like. Upon entering the site, it took a moment for everything to load because it is set up more like a blog on the home page rather than a traditional homepage for products. I like the color scheme and the photography used. But, I was not impressed by how the page had to load and how it is more like a  blog. It seems to be overcrowded with words and other peoples opinions of the product rather than the Herbal Essences company selling themselves. Do you think the website works or should it be simplified? I also noticed that with their “re brand” they went back to the old design of their bottle of shampoo products. Back in the day it used to look this way then they modernized it and now they are back to the original look. It is classy and still works, but there’s always room for improvement. Do you think their product could look a bit more modern or do you like the way that they’ve stayed true to their roots?

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  1. I used this shampoo 10 years ago religiously. I would share it with my three sisters – it became part of our family “scent.” I hadn’t seen or used Herbel Essences since until a month ago where I literally stopped in my tracks at Safeway. There it was, the shampoo of my childhood hidden on the shelf. I didn’t need it but I bought it. So to answer your question YES it was an extremely smart move of Herbel Essences to return to their original packaging (or that of 10 years ago) because it certainly got me to buy.
    There television ads however are NOT assisting their sales in my view. Nicole Scherzinger, the newly appointed spokeswomen, was clearly casted because of her sex appeal. The commercials themselves are also centered around sex appeal in that Scherzinger is moaning in a bathroom because of Herbel Essences scent. A week attempt to bring in sales.
    There ploy should be reminding women to buy Herbel Essences because that’s what their big sister used. The 90’s man, bringing it back.

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