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A style all your own?

In class the other day we shortly touched on the issue about whether or not it is okay to “steal” someones design style. Personally, I do not think I have developed my own design style yet, so I am always using other people’s styles to some degree. Maybe I use a mix of design ideas and/or preferences rather than styles, but at this point, for example, I do not have a certain illustrating style. In the past, a client has asked if I would create a logo in a certain persons art style. The only reason I said no was because it didn’t seem aesthetically pleasing to be a used as a style for a logo. If I had found it to be a neat suggestion I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have turned down the idea. I think it can be useful to mimic others. It can help develop stronger design skills and it can also allow you to possibly stumble upon a way in which you would like to design in your own way. How do you feel? Do you think it it unethical to steal others design styles and prohibits us from reaching our full potential as artists or do you think art is about sharing and allowing yourself and others to grow in order to reach your full potential?