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Designing just for fun?

I was looking at This is Colossal, and there was a post about a dad that illustrates his kids lunch bags everyday and has done so since 2008. I though that was crazy…yet awesome. I was wondering what kinds of things you guys do for your friend and family in terms of art or design that might be unique and maybe just for fun? I feel like we get wrapped up in worrying about the design that’s gonna pay our bills, and we forget that we are artists sometimes. I am sure you all won’t be surprised to know that I Photoshop my cats into just about any and every situation and I use them as greeting cards for my friends and family. Sure its not some Milton Glaser level stuff, but when I get sick of the restrictions of an assignment and I just want to mess around, it is a fun diversion. It allows me the freedom to experiment without any pressure. Here’s a link to the article I mentioned: