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Search (mal)Function

As I write this, I must say- I am only one person. I am only one of 1.6 billion+ monthly facebook users, that complain both on and off the website about how it could improve.

The last time I wrote a post, it was about the stagnant design of the website, which actually announced changes just weeks after I wrote it.

Now, I’m complaining about the search. Not the “new search” that just came out, but the basic function- Searching for people. Facebook is meant to “connect you to people in your life” but all too often the relatively new people in my life that wish to contact me online cannot find me, and I cannot find them. I am a person living in the 21st century, with every possible bit of information just a few keywords away, thanks to Google. I use two important, and extremely unique keywords (a first and last name) and I get results for two keywords I didn’t search for.

I don’t expect the world, I just expect to find people I know.