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Your life is a headline

Thousands of years of thoughts, millions of characters, and the time it took to write one article is all summed up into one headline someone will see for less than one second. Someone probably just read this headline, and didn’t think it was interesting enough to spend about 5 minutes to read (probably less). It took me 20 years to come up with the knowledge, execution, and vocabulary to think of, then write, then subsequently type and publish this article. I had to know basic English, advanced computer skills (how to access the internet then find a website then make and account and start posting), and then I had to put all that thought into the headline above. Then, after you finish reading it, if I didn’t leave you with enough to think about with a great one-liner at the end, it will depend whether you recommend it to your friends by sharing it somewhere else. It will also matter if ai make onE gramatic al error, because that could be the difference between 1 view and 1000.

So was your life worth spending a few minutes reading this writing, or did I waste every year of your life by making you spend 5 minutes reading these 203 words?