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Minimalist designs

Continuing on my previous post on simple portfolio designs, I had found some simple and minimalist inspiration pieces that seemed intriguing.

Minimalist, in the context of art is the movement that emerged in the post-World War II era with Donald Judd and Robert Morris as well as other artists. In design, the term minimal refers to simplicity and adorning the most basic needs of design. Though minimalism is a formal interpretation of art and design, there are many ways of defining and interpretations.

Mainly, design is focused on the content. There should be nothing that interferes with understanding the content that is supposed to be communicated. It is created with whitespace that are essentially design elements that allow the readers to breathe and see the only things that need to be seen.

Typography is another main aspect of minimalist designs; adding too many images will confuse the viewer in allowing them to understand what is needed to be taken from your design.