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Iron Man Magazine Collection

First, I am happy to announce that my $10 contribution to Paramount’s $100,000,000+ weekend haul for Iron Man was not a total loss as I had feared it might be.  

Iron Man, the newest superhero flick and unofficial kick-off of the summer movie season turned out to be an intelligent, humorous, and downright entertaining slice of escapism with tinges of red, white, and blue irony folded in.  Robert Downy Jr. maximizes his roguish charm as the title character, Tony Stark, and supporting cast includes a radiantly cool Gwneyth Paltrow, a delightfully maniacal Jeff Bridges, and a painfully listless/bored Terrance Howard.  However, most of the credit for  Iron Man’s success goes to director John Favreau, who is going to get some much-earned box office cred for his iron-clad mega-hit. 

Mini-review aside, I promise this posting is relevant… 

Magazine design plays a huge role in the establishment of Tony Stark, Iron Man’s mild?-mannered identity.  In an twist on the typical character flash/back/story, the filmmakers decided to Reader’s Digest Stark’s life in a 3-minute tribute video shown at a schmaltzy Vegas awards show honoring the soon-to-be hero.  In order to establish Stark as a powerful and popular celebrity, the tribute tells his successful career story through magazine cover designs.  Esquire, Newsweek, Forbes, and Rolling Stone covers featured Downey Jr. as Stark and Im sure were commissioned by the film from each magazine’s design department.  Personally I think this was a thoughtful touch, and I always respect a film that goes out of its way to help tell a story through design items that can help lend a story credibility.  Because we respect those magazines and in reinforcement of print media’s influence on society, the specially designed covers made Stark’s character that much more authentic.  

 I tried my best to find clips or photos of this sequence online, but was not successful.  In fact I encountered several posts from others also in search of these images.  One blogger demanded poster-sized versions…I suppose you will have to actually see the film to appreciate the magazine cover slideshow/biography, and even if you don’t like the rest of  Iron Man you will hopefully get a kick out of that scene…