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Letterhead Design

Letterhead design is commonly used for one of marketing tools as it establishes the brand identity. It is very important to design a unique letterhead that sets yours apart from the competition. I found a blog that gives 15 creative examples of letterhead design. They are very eye-catching and unique. From these great examples, I hope you can discover some tips for designing a letterhead. Meanwhile, here is something I learned from the examples.

As I personally believe that simple is the best in design, a letterhead should also be simple. In most case, simple designs give the professional look and establish the credibility. When you design a letterhead with too many special effects, they can overshadow your message. Although it may stand out by the effects, it looses the focus. For instance, I prefer Dylan’s Barbershop’s letterhead than Musica’s letterhead. Dylan’s Barbershop’s comb letterhead is simple but strong. Moreover, colors and graphics should be used for a reason. I think the designer of the letterhead of One Flew South used too many colors. White, black, orange, and green are used. It would be much more stronger if black was removed. One the other hand, Dylan’s Barbershop only used blue and white. As the color of the paper is plain white, any other than one main color (blue) was necessary.


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