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Your Body Is My Canvas

In this short film, an artist named Alexa Meade gives a speech at the 2013 TEDGlobal conference. I first saw Meade’s works through the Facebook page few months ago. When you see her works for the first time you wouldn’t believe that the subjects are actual people and found objects. Instead of painting on a canvas, the artist directly put paints on live models and objects so that they look like a painting in a photograph. In other words, Meade is turning three-dimensional reality into two-dimensional imagery in her unique way. This transformation is truly experimental and distinctive, as many other artists have been working in the opposite direction. Meade treats real-life subjects as they are the canvas. Her brushstrokes are bold and visible so that they could be captured in a photograph. The artist is not only a painter, but also a photographer. Her works can also be seen as installation art and performance art.

I’m so impressed about her creativity and excited to see her future works since she is so young! (she’s 27).

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