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In Response to “What’s with San Francisco?”

I think the main reason why the west coast is being richer in employment than the east coast is that they differ in minimum wage. According to San Francisco government website, the minimum wage has increased by 0.26 cents since 2013 and now rated as the highest minimum wage of $10.74 ( ). It is much higher compared to $7.25 minimum wage of Virginia, and higher salary can definitely attract talented graphic designer or anyone in other disciplines. AIGA conducted a comprehensive survey on salary across the country and it indicated that bigger cities, such as San Francisco and Los Angeles has greater earnings than the cities in the east, such as Washington, DC, New York City and Richmond ( ). It looks interesting that the numbers of respondents are higher in the east than the west, which suggests that majority of the design professionals reside in the east. So bigger design firms might want to locate in the bay area for the higher earning opportunity, but not for a particular creativity or a trend reasons.