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I <3 Typography!

After taking my AVT 217 class in typography, I started to become obsessed with type! I love everything about it, maybe because I am an intense control freak. I love having my work neatly done and everything in a specific place (but this does not apply to the rest of my life). However, I do notice that not all of my classmates seem to struggle with kerning, tracking, leading, etc. My professor showed us this neat little game so you can practice your kerning. There are a lot of other games like this made by the same person, I believe. They have also made one where you can match two typefaces that are complimentary to each other. It has helped me immensely in all sorts of projects when choosing typefaces that work well together. They have also been clever to make the games accessible for those of you with an iPad so that you can move the type with your fingers. Have fun and let me know what your scores are!