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Artsbus Trip

So I first want to say how incredibly happy I am for finishing up my artsbus requirement. I personally think it’s unreasonable to have to take this trip 5 times in order to complete your degree. Anyways…this last trip was the most interesting trip I’ve had. Other than enjoying what New York has to offer, I got to take a private tour of some of Nick Cave’s work at the Jack Shainman gallery in Chelsea. I am not someone who gets amused by art very easily, unless I’m looking for graphic design work for inspiration. Nick Cave is a contemporary artist who is known for his soundsuits, which I find very interesting. They are both sculpture and performance costumes. When I saw his pieces in person, I was for the first time excited to see art. If you haven’t see any of his work, definitely do! Just look up Nick Cave’s soundsuits. Check out his performances too.

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  1. Lanny Nguyen wrote:

    Honestly, I think I used to agree with you about artbus is unreasonable, but I changed my mind last semester. I think the reason of artbus is so we art student can get involve and study a little of other art styles that we might or might not like or relate to. I think it shown that you actually taken a little liken to Nick Cave’s works.

    I had a couple of friends and I also overheard conversations from other art majored students complaining that Mason art program and the students are NOT competitive and engaging. I think maybe they are wrong? I think artbus and visual voices (can be boring 80% of the time) are what the art program can offer for us students. I think they are trying to encourage and boost every art students’ drive. Maybe it is us that need to really realize the reason why these classes are required not just because it is to bored and take that thursday night from us. You would be surprised someone could be inspired by the trip or one of the speaker and did a work based on it. Or when you graduated you could actually remember who some of the speakers are and be engage in intelligent conversation with other art profession people about them. Who knows what these trivial things can effect us later?

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