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Nutrition Facts Label

After 20 years since Burkey Belser unveiled the current Nutrition Label, it is about to be changed for the first time. According to The Food and Drug Administration, one of the reasons to change the design is to reduce the public confusions about what qualifies as healthy food. Here’s the current and the new designs of the Nutrition Label.

Nutrition Label

In order to help customers to understand the facts better, the new proposals have a stronger typographic focus. The text elements are arranged with a clear sense of visual hierarchy. For instance, the number of calories is more emphasized by increasing the size and using bold. They put a more emphasis on the number of serving size, which I personally pay the most attention to, along with the calories. The percentages of daily value are placed to the left, so the readers could recognize them first. The proposal 2 has more customer-friendly approach by dividing the information into three sections: “quick facts”, “avoid too much”, and “get enough” This would be very helpful to people who have less understanding of what are good and bad for health. So, what do you all think of the updated labels?






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