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Spec Work

This blog topic is from the third paper that I am going to be writing about for the class. What is spec work? Spec work or speculative work is basically work that is done without any fee/compensation or you could say work that is done for free. Personally I think I had done quite a lot of spec work through out my college life. Drawing pictures or design a theme/concept for friends and even strangers for free. I do not think that it is bad. It makes me feel happy whenever I am done with the work, and I would get “thank you’s” and gratitude from these people. It makes me feel human and appreciated. Though there are cases where some people do not do any of the above. Some would take advantage of that friendly gesture, being ungrateful, and they would create something totally un-call for (excessive dramas). I am torn many times, and even to this day I am trying to fight my conflicting thoughts “should I or shouldn’t I?”

What about you my fellow classmates? Have any of you been through any of the situation similar or close as I did? And what is your opinion/take on this issue? Should we or should we not spec work?


L.N ^-^

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