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Knowledge of HTML & CSS

I feel as if it is important for graphic designers to know web design, at least the basics of HTML and CSS. As time moves on, more and more things are becoming put only online, therefore, why not open up more opportunities for design jobs? It appears the in the design world, more designers are becoming acquainted with HTML and CSS, therefore, I feel as if a graphic designer doesn’t have this basic knowledge, they’re almost putting themselves at risk. When I think of websites for learning HTML and CSS, I would always think of W3 schools. However, the design was so boring and the content wasn’t always the most exciting- therefore, W3 schools is not always an option…and then I discovered Team Treehouse. With Team Treehouse they teach you HTML, CSS, Javascript, Mobile App development, etc. I believe it’s a better option than taking a class because you’re able to work at your own pace, learn what you feel is necessary, work on your weaknesses, and even learn things that you wouldn’t in class. 14-day free trial and then $25/month (which is decent considering how much one would spend on a class to learn these kind of things). Best of all, the design of the website is beautiful, therefore, it provokes to you move forward and learn more.

Check it out.

What do you guys think? Do you think it’s necessary for designers to have basic knowledge of CSS & HTML?


-Colton M