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I believe research and sketching before doing electronic work is ALWAYS important. As much as I used to hate when professors didn’t allow me to immedately work electronically, I’ve come to terms with that work is best created when it has a bit of planning behind it. Not only that, but when people showcase their work, I LOVE seeing the sketches before they started the electronic work, actually, that’s sometimes my favorite part. It gives the audience to dive into the head and heart of the designer and see what they were thinking when they created their work- for this, their work gets a lot of personality. Now, whenever I’m designing, I’m researching, sketching, and planning before I even begin to open Illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop. It’s important for making your designs relevant, up-to-date, and clean. An architect wouldn’t construct a building without research and drawing it out first, would they?


  1. Lindsay Kempter wrote:


    I completely agree with your post! It is essential for designers to be able to visually communicate their initial ideas for a design to a client.

    Have you taken ARTH 201 (Survey of Western Art II) by any chance? What you’re talking about is similar to the term “disegno”, associated with Leonardo da Vinci. As we know, he created thousands of sketches before creating his final paintings/works. He emphasized the importance of line and sketching as a means to create good art. It’s really interesting to see how we apply this concept to our modern world!


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  2. Woojung Cheon wrote:

    I agree. A designer’s job is not just about working with the computer, it is all about the process. Without research, it is hard to know what you are actually doing, or if you are doing it right. It is always better to have more knowledge about whatever you are doing and that’s when the research process is needed. It’s the same with sketching. You can quickly figure out how and if things are going to work out. Also,it does not take a lot of time. I think it really is useful.

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  3. Charlis Foster wrote:

    Sketching is especially important for students, and especially when they are just developing their software skills. If you can’t create it in the software you can show your idea to someone in a sketch and they can help you. That is valuable when you are a teaching assistant, as I am at my job. I constantly tell students that running to he computer is not the best way to do things, it helps your creativity to try multiple solutions to design problems. You should never marry yourself to one soulution. Sketching also helps in the sense that if you draw something you like,you can digitize your sketches and it truly makes your work more unique.

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  4. HongJae Jeon wrote:

    I believe research and sketching before doing electronic work is ALWAYS important

    I agree, however, we must consider that sketch and research are proceeding through computer today.

    Creating work and make design without reference and standard is sailing sea without navigator.

    It only leads design very poor and incomplete quality.

    So I just want to say research and sketch also could be an electronic work.

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