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Pepsi Logo Re-design: Is this Progress?


Coke or Pepsi?” is a question that often appear in a personality questionaire from a social networking personal profile page.

So really, what does your preference say about you? 

The constant battle between two corporate brands Coke vs. Pepsi is apparent. Both sides are constantly seeking ways to win drinkers and prospective customers by offering new soft drinks and products for public consumption. They innovate, and re-innovate, brand, then rebrand, dropping cases of cash, dropping loads of in the development all in hopes of establishing brand loyalty. 

What have they done here?! Pepsi, the minimalist typography is poorly execute…

it really speak “soft” rather than bold. Isn’t being bold a concept that is known and responsible for attracting the younger crowds into the brand.

What is wrong with the logo? The white strip that intersects the two colors(red and blue) respectively vary in width… I think you guys have really outdone yourselves.

Why completely redesign a logo that is considered a classic when you can do small tweaking to satisfy the request for a refreshed logo.   

To whom is Pepsi catering to? Has their latest evaluation for the targeted demographic justify the changes?

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