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When thinking about having to write a particular post on a personal design project, I couldn’t help to think of anything else but the one I am currently working on.  In AVT313 we were assigned to take an existing magazine that we thought was poorly designed and give it a “makeover”.  I decided to take a wedding magazine that I thought was need in some serious touch-ups in the design department.  With messy, uninteresting layouts and horrible typography, the possibilities for improvements seemed to be endless.

When first thinking about the project, it appeared to be a daunting task.  There were so many things that I wanted to fix.  So many different ways that I could put a new spin on the layouts.  Fonts.  Typography.  Pictures.  The ideas were hard to manage.  I decided to take the redesign in a direction that I though was well suited for the material that the publication already dealt with, as well as one that allowed for some new ideas for sections and articles.  I like to think of my project as a clean and classic version of the bridal magazine.  I think that something like planning a wedding can be overwhelming and looking at a cluttered magazine bursting with ideas and color patterns would only put a bride into sensory overload!

Overall, I think that I am happy with what the final product of my magazine redesign in shaping into.  This project has definitely taught me a few things about how to manage my ideas.  With something that is so open to the creative process, a designer can go crazy thinking about twenty different directions they want to take the project.  It helps just to gather your ideas and focus in one direction.