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Take It Like a Man!

Recently in my Corporate Design class we were given the task of branding ourselves as designers.  As my professor pointed out, a designer can be their own worst critic, as it is for just about any artists, so naturally I was stressing this assignment.  After pages of sketches in my sketchbook, and multiple Illustrator files I finally narrowed it down to 3 logos, which I felt were…usable (for lack of a better term).

Finally, when we got to our focus groups to do a progress critique in class it was my turn to present.  Kind and merciful words came out of the mouths of my fellow classmates, and I could tell they were stretching for nice things to say, so I became worried about not getting effective feedback.  Finally the TA, who is a friend of mine, came along, looked at my work and said something along the lines of “David….what…what is this?” and proceeded to give a laundry list of issues with all three of the logos without any sugarcoating. 

My initial mental reaction was to take off the gloves and have at it, but after quickly collecting myself I realized, her criticism was exactly what I needed.  She wasn’t telling me that I was a bad designer, or that I sucked at life, she was giving me extremely necessary critique points on my logo by telling me what was wrong with it, and in addition, telling me what I could do to fix it. 

Now, I’m not stating that there’s a general issue with designers handling criticism, it would be incredibly presumptuous for me to speak for others.  I just know for myself, if I get my work ripped apart (within reason) I become motivated to counteract that criticism by producing the best work that I can.   

I have posted my final personal logo in this blog (feel free to critique it!), and I feel like it’s 10 steps ahead of the others but who knows, there’s probably still work that could be done to it.   Out of sheer embarrassment I’m not going to be putting up the other designs that I had done. personal-logo-final