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Evolution of the Apple Logo

Did you ever know how many times the Apple logo changed?

We see this logo everywhere, especially us designers. However, I think it is interesting to take the time and find out the process of this logo that we see everyday and maybe learn from it.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 11.00.23 PM


The first logo was featuring Isaac Newton under an apple tree. A year later, it changed to focusing on the apple itself when Steve Jobs commissioned Rob Janoff to design it. The vibrant colors were usually to grab children’s attention for school.

Did you ever ask yourself why there was a bite on the apple?

The bite on the apple was purposely added to show scale and prove that it is an apple. If that bite wasn’t there it would look like a cherry or any other fruit. If you notice, “bite” sounded likeĀ “byte,” which is ” a unit of digital information in computing and telecommunication.”

It finally changed to monochrome because they felt that the rainbow didn’t work on the metallic MacBooks.

We really should be looking at these logos around us and appreciating them more.